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Charlie Murder is a punk rock themed beat 'em up/RPG hybrid for the X-Box 360, developed by Ska Studios. "Charlie Murder-ized" started when I was playing the game and thought it would be fun to draw myself as if I were to appear in the game. I then thought it would be fun to draw some members of bands that I like using that style. This will be an ongoing thing, every time I have enough to fill a row, I will post more. To find out more about Ska Studios and their games, please visit their home page.
Paramore font used to watermark some images courtesy of Richiefail.

Click the thumbnails to see the whole piece in a new window

Mark Hoppus
Band: blink182
Instruments: Bass, Vocals
Jenna McDougall
Band: Tonight Alive
Instrument: Vocals
Brenna Red
Band: The Last Gang
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar
Joe Strummer (RIP, 1952 - 2002)
Band: The Clash
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals
Phoenix Arn-Horn
Band: Courage My Love
Instrument: Drums, Vocals
Jeremy Davis
Band: Paramore
Instruments: Bass
Taylor Jardine
Band: We Are The In Crowd
Instrument: Vocals
Intruder Blue
Band: Masked Intruder
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals
Amy Merve
Band: The Merves
Instrument: Vocals
Cindy Caron
Band: Plan 37
Instruments: Drums, Vocals
Davey Havok
Band: AFI
Instrument: Vocals
Tré Cool
Band: Green Day
Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Dexter Holland
Band: The Offspring
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Dee Dee Ramone (RIP, 1951 - 2002)
Band: Ramones
Instruments: Vocals, Bass
Mikey Hawdon
Band: Fairmounts
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Emily Whitehurst
Band: Survival Guide
Instruments: Vocals, Keyboard
Glenn Danzig
Band: Danzig
Instrument: Vocals
Jerry Only
Band: Misfits
Instruments: Vocals, Bass
Michale Graves
Band: Graves
Instruments: Vocals
Bobby Calabrese
Band: Calabrese
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar
Jay Northington
Band: Nothington
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Billie Joe Armstrong
Band: Green Day
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar
Scruffy Wallace
Band: Dropkick Murphys
Instruments: Bagpipes, Tin Whistle
Emily Armstrong
Band: Dead Sara
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar
Chris Chan (meeeee!)
Band: N/A
Instruments: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Hayley Williams
Band: Paramore
Instrument: Vocals, Keyboard
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein
Band: Doyle
Instrument: Guitar
Intruder Red
Band: Masked Intruder
Instrument: Drums

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