Pop-Punk Girl Amswer Key

  1. Aliens Exist, song by blink182
  2. Lyrics to Having A Blast, song by Green Day
  3. Phantom Maggot, song by The Lillingtons
  4. The Ocean Song, song by Pulley
  5. Intruder Yellow and Intruder Blue, members of bandit-themed band Masked Intruder
  6. Reference to lyrics to Calendar Pages, song by We Are The In Crowd ("All this time, we've been crossing off days on the calendar pages")
  7. My Machete, song by Tsunami Bomb
  8. Reference to lyrics to Old White Lincoln, song by The Gaslight Anthem ("You and your high top sneakers and your sailor tattoos") (technically folk-punk, sue me)
  9. What Are You So Scared Of?, album and song by Tonight Alive
  10. Tribute to Brandon Carlisle, drummer and co-founder of Teenage Bottlerocket
  11. Couch from Paramore album, All We Know Is Falling
  12. Atari 2600, reference to name origin of band The Ataris
  13. Reference to The Unlovables song Ramona, written about Hallie Bulleit's cat
  14. Case of Bud, reference to The Queers song I Only Drink Bud
  15. Alkaline Trio logo tee
  16. Eyes are a reference to the artork for The Offspring single Million Miles Away
  17. Reference to Fairmounts song Pink Suitcase ("You took my heart, boarded a plane, and packed it all in a pink suitcase")
  18. Millencolin Birdie mascot

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