If you are interested in how this works, this is what the kismet system looks like for the door controls and the cutscene:

How it works: The red nodes on the left are the triggers. In the map, they are placed next to the door control static meshes, for the player to interact with (so in this case, it's a "tigger used" event. Also, there are two trigger nodes, as there is a switch on both sides of the door). When the trigger is used, it will then ask itself if the door is closed or open, and sends the singal accordingly... if closed, go to one set of nodes, if open, go to the other set. This next set of nodes is what changes the material on the control panel. It uses a material instance consant (which is used for team colours on vehicles and certain weapons, like the Sniper Rifle and the InstaGib Rifle), and uses a parameter name in the parent material (MICs must be based off an existing material so it knows what slots to switch up) so that Unreal knows what textures to change. So after the change happens, it will play the Matinee Sequence either forwards or in reverse, depending on which set of nodes the signal was sent to.

This one looks more complex, but it's actually more straight forward. The red event node is another trigger, but this time the event node is a "trigger touch" event, which will be fired off when a player goes within the associated trigger volume (created with the builder brush, like any BSP geometry or water volume). So when the player goes within the volume, it will then fire off the Matinee sequence which adjusts the lighting in the corridor. After that, the signal is sent to two other nodes: one is the Matinee sequence that will switch to the cinematic camera, the other will go to a delay node since I don't want everything happening at once. After the short delay, three ActorFactories are spawned (in this case, explosions), and a Cause Damage node sends 1000 damage to the helpless victim. You can tell Kismet what kind of damage it will do... in my case, its the explosion from the Scorpion vehicle's self-destruct. This way, he will explode into a frenzy of meaty gibs. Also, to explain some of the other nodes: the apple nodes represent the path nodes normally used for bot pathing, but you can use them as spawn points when using ActorFactory. The ??? nodes are simple object variables so that each explosion emitter is seen as a different object. The blue 1000 node is a float variable (any number with a decimal) and is the damage we have piped into the Cause Damage node (the 1.5 node on Delay is the same deal, but is measured in seconds). "Player" is hopefully self explanatory!


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