Misc. Unreal Stuff

This section will be for Unreal Engine stuff that doesn't really fit with the other sections. Most if not all videos include default assets and/or maps that come with the editor.

New Murderstang explosion particle system, V2
Date added: Jan 20, 2010

Created a new, bigger explosion for the Murderstang! I have added it to my demo reel video

See it here!

Particle Snow
Date added: November 12, 2009

Snow flakes in Unreal.

See it here!

Particle Rain
Date added: November 9, 2009

Here comes the rain again, falling from the sky... Rain in Unreal.

See it here!

Fuel Tank - Destroyable Mesh
Date added: Oct 13, 2009

A simple destroyable fuel tank with a particle system explosion.

See it here!

Alien Blaster
Date added: Aug 3, 2009

The Alien Blaster is a weapon inspired by the Fallout series. In Fallout, it was a rare weapon that was over-the-top powerful.

See it here!

Kismet: Doors, changing materials, lifts, lights, and trigger volume
Date added: Aug 25, 2009

Made door control panels that change materials when used, working lift, lights that change colour and dim, and a small cinematic that triggers when the player reaches a certain point in the map.

See it here!

New Murderstang explosion particle system
Date added: Aug 25, 2009

In my 2009 demo reel, the explosion for the Murderstang (red car) used the default Manta explosion particle system. I have since created my own.

See it here!

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