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These are assets I have created for Unreal Tournament 3. Learning the ins and outs of the Unreal Engine was quite the journey, and seeing your own guns and vehicles in action is pretty awesome. You can download these (minus the UFO and plus another gun!) here

GD-39S Gauss Rifle
Reaper Cannon
The Gauss Rifle is essentially a railgun... it uses an electromagnetic field to propel a slug at unearthly speeds. This was my first UT3 weapon. Primary Fire: single-shot slug. Secondary: Sniper ZoomThe Reaper Cannon was somewhat inspired by Tabula Rasa, a short lived Sci-Fi online game, which featured photonic bazookas... this is my contribution to over-the-top, overpowered weaponry. Primary Fire: Laser Rocket. Secondary: Reaper Blast, large blast radius, lots of damage (requires full load of 10 ammo to use)
Assault Rifle
A standard assault rifle, just more sleek and sci-fi looking. Made this one mainly to create a weapon that included animated parts... the hammer animates properly when using the primary fire! Primary Fire: gunpowder bullets, full auto. Secondary: grenade (requires 100 ammo to use)

My first UT3 vehicle... a car that has been retrofitted with laser cannons, missile tubes, hover pads and jet engines. It took quite a while to get her working in the game, as it is way more complex than a weapon mod. I'm particularily liking how the engine flames turned out. Primary Fire: lasers. Secondary: missiles. Seats 1. Deciding to be a bit zaney with my next vehicle, I made this UFO to have a vehicle with parts that fly around when it is destroyed. Unfortunately, this vehicle currently does not work in-game due to a general protection fault that occurs when getting into the vehicle. I have yet to solve this problem. Primary Fire: lasers. Secondary: energy bombs. Seats 1.

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